Youth Focus Foundation

"Equiping The Youth - For A Better Future"  


Youth Focus Foundation

"Equiping the Youth - For A Better Future" 



Youth Focus Foundation (YFF) is an international non-profit organization that seeks to bridge the digital canyon among disadvantaged communities in developing countries, starting with the continent of Africa.

YFF recognizes that acccess to information holds the key to the empowerment of marginalized people, particularly youth and women. The vision of Youth Focus Foundation is to foster wealth creation, reduce unemployment and create self-sustaining communities by providing marginalized people in rural communities with the technology tools, training and resources to enable them to realize their greatest potential.

In many developing countries today, the equal adoption of technology excludes many individuals and communities from reaping the fruits of the economy. With the advent of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), access to knowledge has become a potent force for transforming social, economic and political life globally.

The information highway is leaving the African youth poorer in ICT knowledge, skills and global reach. Thousands of young people leave school with the hope of developing a career and a sustainable life that often turns into an illusion. A systematic and targeted infusion of ICTs in underserved rural communities in West Africa and the consequent empowerment of youth through information and technology knowledge will serve as coup de grace to youth poverty, crime, violence, prostitution and unemployment.

The YFF slogan, "Equiping the Youth - For Better Future" is indicative of what YFF will achieve. Youth Focus Foundation has an all inclusive model which focuses on bringing access to technology and resources to the underserved, rural communities and women, further removed from the information age than the men whose poverty they share.